The award JSC Russian railways-2012 Partner in the category Best supplier of technical resources


System partner status of «Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH».


Joining «Railway Engineering Manufacturers Unite» (REMU).

Development of design documentation, industrial organization and pilot batch release of third valve drain unit of tank cars.

Car Repair Central Directorate (CRCD) implementation project «Highly mechanized, automated, economy recovery section of moulded pieces in freight car bogies, St Petersburg- Sorting Moscow depot».


Official partner status of «Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV».


Development of design documentation, industrial organization and serial production start of Wheelset Replacement System (WRS) of «Sapsan» train.

Establishment of a subsidiary «Vector».


Development of design documentation, organization of production and the first modification release of rolling stock complex (RSC).

Opening of the restaurant "Porto del Mare" in Minsk.

Acquisition of OJSC «Transpnevmatika» shareholdings.


Acquisition of an office in Minsk.

Obtaining a long-term license for using fauna and hunt opening.

Minsk city executive decision on assignment of lands in Minsk for office center design and construction with built facilities – restaurant and parking.

OJSC «Russian Railways» pilot project – «Automated Recovery Complex of moulded pieces in freight car bogies in the depot of Magnitogorsk».

Dealer status OJSC «Rhythm» TPTA, Tver.


Establishment of a subsidiary «New Technology».

Acquisition of interest in the company producing road brake shoe equipment.


Dealer status «Transpnevmatika» Pervomaysk, Nizhny Novgorod region.


Start of braking equipment delivery in Roszheldorsnab (a chapter of OJSC «Russian railways»)

Establishment of a representative office in Belarus.

Withdrawal from FSUE CRIST from the shareholder structure.


Establishment of «Export – Industrial Firm «Sudotehnologiya». The founder of the firm was FSUE CRIST (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology).