Restoration automatic lines of moulded pieces in freight car bogies
The line is designed to restore "Side frame" and "Bolster" complete parts of 18-100 bogie and 18-578 freight cars during major repairs. Its arrangement can be adapted to the working areas and repair process of bogies’ parts according to the customer’s requirements.

The line includes:

  • cleaning station of bogies;
  • automatic welding station of bogie parts;
  • automatic mechaning of bogie parts;
  • system of initial check;
  • geometry check of coming moulded parts;
  • painting station of moulded parts;
  • storage station of awaiting-the-repair parts and finished products with three-day stock;
  • conveyors for supplying parts;
  • robot-manipulators for loading and unloading of parts;
  • collector of parts.

Reliability indexes:

  • mean time between failures - 10,000 hours;
  • run-life of the line - 10 years.


  • bolster - 30 pieces per shift;
  • side frame - 60 pieces per shift.